My mother has ordered from this company for several years. They pulled the whole, the old stuff doesn't work, we have a new product scam on her.

This time around, she said she had plenty of the product, NO. The guy rambled on for 10 minutes and she handed me the phone.

I hung up on him. THEN the "supervisor" called back and claimed that he was calling on their attorney's advice that 65% of systems will fail...yadda yadd yadda...It is a scam and they need to stop calling or I will file a complaint with the State Police.

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The Supervisors name is Glenn Allison


His cell number is: 1-407-790-2721

Call him and harass him like he does others constantly.


Same darned thing happens to me. They call my elderly parent and sell her on more of their worthless/overpriced stuff.

They should be banned.

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